Spencer Cemetery Marker
(corner of East Michigan Avenue and Spencer Lane)
The Willow Run Community School Administration building stands on the northeast corner of East Michigan Avenue and Spencer Lane. On the lawn in front of the building stands a memorial marker with the names of the 118 people buried on the site in Spencer Cemetery. The site was not once the location of the cemetery, but still is, as the graves are still there. It seems, the school building and cemetery belong together.

The land was sold by the United States to Zolva Brown on October 1, 1827. He sold the land to John King on June 8, 1832. The first person buried in the cemetery was Ann Brown, wife of Zolva Brown, who was 31 years, 8 months and 16 days old when she died on December 12, 1833.

The school district was organized in 1834, and the new board decided to build the school house on land near the burying ground. The log schoolhouse was 20 x 24 feet, and was in use for 15 years. Then the building was replaced with a white frame schoolhouse, which was in use for the next 83 years. This building was replaced in 1932 when the Standard School, and present, building was erected. The cemetery became the property of the school district in 1849. The last two people buried in the cemetery were Phebe Spencer and Fred W. Wanner, both in 1925.

The School District ordered the removal of the headstones, which was carried out in November of 1941, so to turn the site into a playground for the school. The cemetery had been closed to burials for about ten years. The school later left the building so the administration could move in. The graves and the memorial marker remain.