Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum - MotorCities Marker
In 2008 MotorCities received a federal grant to create a Wayside Exhibit Program in the MotorCities region. The program creates a comprehensive system of approximately 300 outdoor signs in communities throughout central and southeastern Michigan. Each sign commemorates Michigan's automotive heritage and is designed to increase public awareness of this on a community and regional level.

The marker reads as follows:

Hudsons and friends at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum:

This building has stories to tell. It can tell about first being built as an electric plant before being converted to manufacturing in 1905. There are memories of 1916 when it became the first Dodge dealership outside Detroit, later becoming Willys-Overland-Whippet car dealership. But Hudson Sales and Service is its claim to fame, as Carl Miller sold Hudson cars here for 25 years, until 1958, as the world’s last Hudson dealer. This building really found its voice in 1995, reborn as the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum.