Michigan Firehouse Museum - MotorCities Marker
In 2008 MotorCities received a federal grant to create a Wayside Exhibit Program in the MotorCities region. The program creates a comprehensive system of approximately 300 outdoor signs in communities throughout central and southeastern Michigan. Each sign commemorates Michigan's automotive heritage and is designed to increase public awareness of this on a community and regional level.

The marker reads as follows:

FACING THE FIRE at the Michigan Firehouse Museum.

Something had to be done. Constructed in 1898 and in service for over 75 years, this firehouse combined two separate volunteer fire companies into one centralized fire station. A paid department and a dedicated building represented a major commitment by the city to protect its citizens from the ravages of fire. From its doors, brave firefighters first on horse drawn fire rigs and then motorized vehicles would dash to the fire in an effort to save lives and property.

Today, this towering landmark welcomes you to the Michigan Firehouse Museum. Nearly 30,000 square feet of display area is dedicated to the preservation of fire-fighting history and to the promotion of fire safety.