Photo courtesy of The Henry Ford.
1939-1941: Willow Run Boys Camp
1941-1942: Willow Run bomber plant under construction
1942-1945: Willow Run bomber plant is operational
Oct. 1, 1942: First completed B-24 at Willow Run
1943: Willow Run Village opens for residents
Apr. 16, 1944: Plant reaches goal of one bomber per hour
Jun. 28, 1945: Last bomber completed at Willow Run
May 12, 1946: Ford Motor formally ends contract with government
1946: Kaiser-Frazer purchases the plant facility
1947: University of Michigan purchases the plant facility
1947-1953: Kaiser-Frazer operates plant facility at Willow Run
1948: Willow Run opens to public and commercial flights
1953: General Motors purchases plant from Kaiser-Frazer
Mar.31, 1966: Last public flight out of airport
1977: University of Michigan sells airport to Wayne County
1981: Yankee Air Force and Yankee Air Museum established
Oct. 9, 2004: Fire destroys hanger at Yankee Air Museum