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Automotive Heritage Museum (page 15)
Bomber Restaurant (page 12)
Caboose in Depot Town (page 21)
Cannon in Prospect Park (page 9)
Chicago Road Plaque (page 7)
Civil War Plaque (page 4)
Clock Tower in Depot Town (page 20)
Demetruis Ypsilanti Statue (page 2)
Elijah McCoy Plaque (page 25)
Firehouse Museum Marker (page 14)
First Methodist Church Plaque (page 32)
First Presbyterian Church Plaque (page 34)
G.A.R. Hall (page 23)
Godfrey's - Pottawatomi Trail (page 26)
Harriet Tubman Statue (page 29)
Highland Cemetery Plaque (page 27)
Ladies Literary Club (page 33)
Michigan Interurbans Plaque (page 35)
Museum-Ypsilanti Historical Soc. (page 10)
Pierce (John D.) Memorial Plaque (page 5)
Police Officers Plaque (page 22)
Prospect Park Plaque (page 30)
Signal Tower in Depot Town (page 19)
Spanish War Memorial (page 3)
Spencer Cemetery Marker (page 16)
Starkerweather Fountain (page 18)
Tank - VFW Post 2408 (page 24)
Toll Gate - Summit Road (page 8)
Vietnam War Memorial (page 31)
Virgin Mary Statue (page 36)
Water Tower (page 37)
Woodruff's Grove Marker (page 1)
World War I Markers (page 28)
Ypsilanti City Hall Marker (page 17)
Ypsilanti Historical Marker (page 11)
Ypsilanti Savings Bank Marker (page 13)
Ypsilanti Sesquicentennial Plaque (page 6)