(Southeast corner outside Ford Hall)
In 1986 a ransom note was delivered to Eastern Michigan University demanding that men’s basketball coach Jim Boyce be fired or “Diana” would be destroyed. “Diana” is a bronze statue of the nude female form and this first kidnaping is just part of her colorful history at Eastern Michigan University.

In 1983 Darryl Miller’s statue “Diana” was dedicated on the west side of Ford Hall, and since then it has been a part of EMU’s history unlike any other piece of art. For years members of fraternities and sororities have been dressing up the statue when the first snow falls just to make sure she’s warm. She was returned to her pedestal after the 1986 kidnapping, only to be taken again in the fall of 1994. Her return that time was much more detrimental as she was found a few weeks later badly damaged from being ripped from her pedestal and covered in red paint. “Diana” had to be refurbished, and it wasn’t until 1998 that she was returned to her location standing tall.

In 2010 again “Diana” was moved as Ford Hall went through renovation and she went into storage. Out of storage this well-traveled statue now resides underneath the trees in the southeast corner outside of Ford Hall for all to see and admire.